Kontrabass Kats

A collaboration between Amy and talented multi-instrumentalist Nigel Smith - an album of  Soprano and Double Bass works.

Repertoire  includes:

- Colin Seamarks      - Emily Abdy       - Samara Rice

Out of Town

Amy van Walsum and esteemed colleague Robin Bowman have just released their debut duo album together. 

Out of Town is an ode to female composers and the often lack of recognition they receive for their works.

Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea is an experimental improv album in which Amy invites you to sit down and chat.

Release due in 2020

Bag of Bones

The second complilation album of female composers from Amy van Walsum.

Bag of Bones is a nod to the human form and all its complexities. A journey of self discovery from your head to your toes.

Pre-order coming soon.

© 2020 by Amy van Walsum.